All Men Cheat!!!!

example_no_error There is a well known fact among women which prompts them to say ‘all men are the same’; the fact that all men cheat. Whether in their heads or by literally doing the deed, all men cheat. Another thing is that, most men believe that if you don’t get caught, you ain’t cheating. Here is a story of a situation in which God saved an Igbo brother. Nnonso was dating a girl, and after a while decided he wanted to settle down with the girl. After meeting the family about marriage plans, He discovered that his fiancee’s elder sister was giving him the seductive stare.

Nonso focused on his weeding arrangements and forgot about the sister. One day, he went to his fiancee’s house to see her Father, and discovered only the sister was home. After exchanging pleasantries, the sister told him about how well she likes him and after a while, she demanded for sex.

I should probably say this, Nnonso previously knew the Father was not home because he called his fiancee to confirm. He actually went there to see whether the sister would be around.

Now back to the story, Nnonso, who was contemplating whether to cheat and call it a moment of weakness walked away and went towards his car. On getting outside the building, he saw his Fiancee, her father and her mother congratulating him that he passed the test, he was the first guy to have not fallen for the sister as other guys had done in the past.

Now the Moral of the story is ALWAYS LEAVE YOUR CONDOM in the car, as that was the case of Nnonso.

All Men Cheat!!! Whether its in their heads or literally, the only thing for a woman to do is to satisfy her man. If you are lucky to find a man who loves you too much to cheat on you, then you must make sure you satisfy him. To all men out there that cheat and have not been caught, I say good going……..but stop before its too late, most men don’t realise that they could have stopped a long time ago before they were caught. To all women out there, are you sure you are not a side chick, you better check yourself. Men are moved by sight, so you expect the male species to cheat more, and if you are a woman that cheats Haba!!!! Just dump one and find another…….
Cheating is the natural law for men, cheating is spontaneous, you do it more than once, its hard to stop, cheating can also be an habit and as well can become an addiction. To find a man who will not cheat on you, it takes the special grace of God, the towncrier says so………


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