I am back at school, oh yeah my school, first choice university and all that shit, studying Architecture, constantly wondering whether I am really learning at all, crashing parties with the guys and yes, trying to change my single status.

Yeah, I’m here for all those things. I stay at one of the hottest male hostels in school and am constantly going to the ‘studio’ where we Architects go to put down our ideas or as students receive lectures.

Now to the fun things….

Oh wait, my Mum reads this blog,


Part of me hate the way this school radically makes you spend money on projects, provisions, parties and yeah, the females. (One actually said “You can’t touch my hips unless you buy chicken and chips”). But its all good, I have the guys, going broke is not always as bad as it seems.

My hostel is pretty decent. It’s no Sheraton, but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.

Another part of me wants to get the fuck out of here well I can’t really blame it. I haven’t really eaten any good food since the beginning of the semester, from the regular overcooked porridge at Engineering, to the steady diet of ‘Suya and Schweeps’, stupidly spending until I go broke and revert to my unhealthy diet of N50 beans and sugarless Garri. Meh!

what was I writing this for again sef?

Well, my favorite thing about this school (apart from the girls, oh the girls) is how students don’t seem to care about anything apart from the ‘now’. People actually shrug when you ask when exam date is or when the next seminar is. This attribute makes it easy to get through the day as the ‘this too shall pass’ attitude is a feature of the ‘now’ people.

dammit now I’m rambling

Finally, by the time this post goes up I might remember what I was writing this for. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes.

P.S: Go watch Mavins Record Adaobi video it’s awesome.

P.P.S: I school in UNILAG incase you were wondering.


One thought on “STUDIO

  1. You remind me of the days of Garri ati Ewa
    in da studio
    Here’s something I wrote for archy.

    Oh Architecture!
    Thou giveth me restless-sleepless night and day;
    yet ye scoreth me zero on Jury day!
    Sometimes I think thou shouldest have been called archi-torture!

    If I didn’t study architecture I don’t what else I would have… Its the best!

    Great post, keep it up bro! The PPS answered my question!

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