Christmas Abroad

Fuck around here,
Rainbow’s shinning,
Loving the crew.

Drake’s Crew Love was blasting through the whole house. Mum was shouting on top of her voice, telling us to sit and stop jumping around. Dad was out, and my older distant cousin, who I have to admit I had a crush on was working on her laptop. “Life is good here”, I thought, Mum finally turned the music down, sat me and my brother down and told us the bad news. She had cancer.

I felt angry. She actually came to New York for treatment, not for us to live together as a family to resolve our issues. Dad came home exhausted still keeping his poker face before he realized that we knew.

The days before Christmas were the hardest, I had to watch my Mum go through stress, chemotherapy and possible death. Her bodily functions were failing, she was bald and most of the time irritated, my safe haven had become a place of sadness and confusion.

Some days before Christmas, something wonderful happened, it snowed and my Mum left her bed to see the snow, she hadn’t left her bed in several days. I stood from afar and watched her as she looked up at the skies and laughed uncontrollably, it was her first time seeing the skies snow. She hadn’t thought she would witness it while alive.

On Christmas morning, my Mum woke up with a surprisingly energetic vibe. She made breakfast, she woke us up and even went shopping later on with us. Later in the day, she called us together, and told us she had to go rest in the hospital. She came up to me and told me I was going to be okay, with tears in my eyes I shouted “who is going to take care of us Mom?” as She was leaving, She turned and said “Look up, there resides a being greater than us all, he will take care of you”.

I love you Mum.


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