STUDIO 3: Barely Surviving

I am on the edge, barely surviving. I know I am better than this, better than the rushed life of Architecture students, better than the ignored phone calls late at night, better than the urge to cheat on tests cause I think I’m not well prepared, better than the constant reminder that I have to make something of my self after years of studying, better than the need to impress, better than the urge to act out, better than it all.

I look back at it all and sigh heavily, how did I get here? How did it all get so confusing? My thoughts keep spiraling until I see a tiny gleam of light, this symbolizes hope for a better tomorrow and I smile, so I started writing this, not for myself alone but for anyone out there who is sad or depressed, broke or poor, thrown out or homeless, broken hearted or rejected, unemployed or job hunting, endeavor to see the light, cause without it, all we have is a dark hollow emptiness.

Barely surviving, if you notice is how someone ties up disparate ends of an write up that is clearly going to be under appreciated.




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