Money (Stream Of Consciousness)

“Being broke is the root of all evil”

When Drake said I like when money makes a difference but don’t make you different, I thought little of it at the time but this week has taught me otherwise.

* * * * * * *

I talked to her on the phone for almost 15 minutes which I later realized wasn’t a good decision. When I checked my phone’s account balance and discovered I was zeroed out, I was a little angry cause we didn’t really talk about anything specific, just soporific mumblings of estranged lovers. I immediately contacted my Dad, after greetings and chatting, I asked him for a loan, surprisingly he agreed but still gave me a stern warning about my spending.

Of course I don’t listen to him, who listens to their parents. I can’t really account for how I spent the money but the money was gone and I was back to square one.

“A broke hand is the Devil’s workshop”

I started thinking of ways to get money. Exams were approaching, and I needed money to complete projects and stuffs. I did a little gambling, which resulted in further loss of cash, I called up relatives and friends, but it all proved abortive. I was confused and a bit scared. My Mom’s bitting words of advice about the consequences of spending carelessly came to haunt me, I was in a dark place, desperate and willing to do anything until I finally agreed to deal a little Marijuana.

A classmate of mine later hooked me up with a super dealer who I was supposed to meet at specific times. Now, understand that in Nigeria, the crime rate in high, so the punishment for dealing in Universities is extremely high. Still, I was ready and pumped to go. I met with him a day before on instructions on how to deal and today, I was going to meet him to get the product when my phone rang. It was my mom, my brother had just been arrested for dealing.

* * * * * * * *

Erm, I sincerely apologize for not putting up a Time Travel post yesterday, I will make sure to post two next week. Thanks and keep reading. 🙂


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