I blowing up your line
I got you on my mind
And the truth is hard to find, so I’ll be
I’ll be drunk texting, drunk texting, drunk texting you
Drunk texting, drunk texting you
Yeah baby I’ll be drunk texting, drunk texting, drunk texting you
Drunk texting, drunk texting you

Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko’s Drunk texting has been my jam for weeks. My mind has been troubled with exam preparations, money issues and home issues, then I remembered I met her around a time when I faced something similar.

I still didn’t talk to her after seeing her at the IT centre, yeah, not that I didn’t want to, I just didn’t get the chance and I regretted it. The thought of her haunted me further, I kept thinking of how beautiful she was, her body curve and that smile, what did that smile mean? I was already missing her. She was the only one that could soothe my troubled mind.

I intensified my search, I really wanted to see her, not to profess my love but just to talk. I didn’t find her, I always thought my school was bigger than people thought, so I wasn’t too surprised.

Then it happened, I was at my hall’s junction one faithful night when she passed by. There was no mistake, it was her, it was as if I already knew her. She saw me coming and smiled. I immediately started smiling back. What is it with that smile? I became speechless again, this time I was closer to her and her eyes were her most distracting feature. I later regained my senses and started a conversation with her.

She met with my friends, gave me her number all while smiling, it was as if she knew her smile was still my greatest mystery. The rest of the night didn’t go as planned, but for the fact that I met her, I slept like a baby, slowly breathing, thinking of nothing. I was almost, if not completely lost in her love.

……to be continued


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